CHECK HERE for a list of SUNDAY DISCIPLESHIP CLASSES for the 9 am hour AND 10:30 am hour.
IGNITE Student Worship - Wed at 6:30 pm
Middle School
5-6 pm in the Student Hub or Pavilion depending on the weather
High School
9th/10th Grade – Beauchamp’s Home from 5:10-6:10pm
Transportation from FBCLC back parking lot will be provided. Bus will leave by 5 pm and return around 6:20 pm
11th/12th – Simmons Home from 5-6pm

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  1. Discipleship Group Leader - Sunday Morning 10:30am discipleship group leader to teach the curriculum, love our students, and be an influence in their lives. These leaders will play a pivotal role in our Sunday morning routine. All curriculum is provided to leaders by Brandon and Hunter.
  2. Photography/Video - Volunteers who have experience with photography to capture images and videos of our Wednesday night, Sunday morning services, and events throughout the year. They will partner alongside the FBCLC Media Team.
  3. Special Event Leader - A leader for our special events (Ignite WKND, camp, conferences, etc.). This leader will be a small group leader for the designated event. The leader will bunk with students and be involved in the week with the students. The leader will lead discussions, small group times, and have gospel conversations when needed.
  4. Host Homes - Host homes are for those who are willing to open up their homes for different events. Host homes for Ignite WKND must have enough space to allow students to sleep over. We also need host homes for our Washed By The Water summer program (must have a pool or lake access), and different events throughout the year.
  5. Wednesday Night Leader - Our Wednesday night leaders have different roles and opportunities. We have opportunities to help with check-in as the students arrive, help run the snack shack, and sit and interact with students throughout the night.
  6. Decoration/design/construction - The role of someone in this category will be to assist Brandon and Hunter in the decorating, design, and construction of stage designs, student hub design, and other areas.
  7. Drivers - The role of a driver will be to transport students in a van or minibus to homes, events, etc. throughout the year.  Examples: Washed By The Water, Life Groups, Smokies Game. If you have a CDL license, please let Brandon and Hunter know.
  8. Tech - For anyone who is interested in the more technical, behind-the-scenes portion. This category deals with sound and video on Wednesday nights and events throughout the year.