Bible Studies


PRAYING THROUGH THE PSALMS with John Hunn Wednesdays at 8:00am at Shoneys

GRIEFSHARE - Mondays at 6:00 pm in room 020.  13-week class. Sign up at


GIRLS OF GRACE BIBLE STUDY - Thursdays at 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall B.

WOMEN OF THE WORD - Tuesdays at 9:30am in room 020. Childcare is available upon request.

   • New Testament Study - Thursday at 9:00am in Fellowship Hall A led by Brenda Folz.
   • Old Testament Study - Thursday at 10:00am in Fellowship Hall B led by Alexis Hunn.
   • New Testament Study - Thursday at 6:00pm in Fellowship Hall A led by Brenda Folz.

412Fitness - cardio • function • community with Sabrina Stamper & Shelly Coggins • questions?
412Cardio on Monday & Thursday at 6pm | 412Function on Tuesday at 6pm all in the Life Center


PRECEPTS-MEN -  Studying Titus led by Bobby Ramsey Sundays at 5:00pm in Fellowship Hall B.

9am Discipleship Hour


Bed Babies - A104C
Sue & Millard Wilkerson,
Ed & Lori Wilkerson

Toddlers 1 & 2 - A104D
Sean & Lena Amanns and
Jody & Jennifer Norwood

2 Year Olds - A104H
Rhonda Snipes and Donna Terrell

3 Year Olds - A113
Libby Kent and Pat Wampler

4 Year Olds - A118
Janet Thomas and Susan Henderson

Kindergarten -A120
Sam & Amy Linginfelter and Joann Nelson

1st Grade - A114
Nichole Chadwick and Amanda Haynes

2nd Grade - A112
Margie Sartin, Dylan Johnson,
David Kozak, Lisa McDaniel & Bobby Turner

3rd Grade - A121A
Charlie & Terri Dye and Jason Graening

4th Grade - A121C
Johnny Coffey and Lisa Doran

5th Grade - A217
Larry & Peggy Butler


10th Grade - A240A
Randy Powley & Mallory McNabb


Men – A222
Chris Park

Men & Women – A201
Pat Wright

Men & Women – A204
Don Martin

Men & Women – A206
Jess Harper


(Janet Clemmer and Carolyn Morton)


Men & Women – A226
Lloyd Quillen and Ken Duncan

Men & Women – A208
Bobby Ramsey


Men & Women - Fellowship Hall C
Keith Schrader

Men & Women - Fellowship Hall B
Dick DeMerchant

Men - B020
Ray Reno

Men & Women - B013
Gary Johnson

Women – B014
Debbie Turner

Men & Women - B020C
David Davis

Men & Women - B02D
Susie Strunk

Men & Women - B021
James Marshall

Men & Women - 022/023
Craig Moss

Women - B020
Judy Nelson/Judy Randall

Men & Women - B025/027
Paul Chaveriat

Men & Women - B036
Lex Wiggins

Women - B039
Thelma Wampler

Men & Women - A209C
(Education Building)
Gary Johnson & Mitch McNabb

10:30 am Discipleship Hour

6th Grade - A232A
Taylor & Leigh McNabb

7th & 8th Grade Guys - A232C
Hunter Connell

7th & 8th Grade - Girls - A232D
Paula Linginfelter

9th & 10th Grade - A240A
Kristi Helton

11th & 12th Grade - A240B
Van & Vicky Simmons

Young Couples - A219
Robert & Laura Scheffer

Men & Women - A204
Randall Davenport

Men & Women - A226
Jonathan Boals

Young Couples - A208
Hardings & Freels

Young Adult & College Ladies - A220
Sara Park

Young Adult & College Guys - A222
Ben Collins

Men & Women - A206
Steve Weaver and Jack Sims