Young Adults

• Young Married Couples with Children
Sunday nights at 5:00

David and Sara Quarin
4025 Brooksview Drive, 37772
(Childcare by reservation only; email

• Newlywed Couples
Tuesday nights at 6:30

Chris and Kym Harding
357 Conner Lane, 37772


• Sunday nights at 5:00

Where Is God In The Midst Of Covid
-A Study on the Book of Joel
Led by Wayne Derrick
FBCLC Campus, Fellowship Hall A

Bobby & Cathy Ramsey
FBCLC Campus, Fellowship Hall B


• Married Couples
Sunday nights at 6:00
God’s Design for Marriage
Sept. 12 – Oct. 17 in the KidStuf Theater
Led by Pastor Randall Davenport
(Childcare by reservation only email;

• Married WOMEN
Wednesday nights at 6:00
The Excellent Wife
In room 208 - books ($10) can be purchased in the church office.
Led by Kim Davenport & Alexis Hunn



Women’s Thursday Evening Bible Study 6:30 pm in room 020.
We will be meeting in-person and virtual (Facebook live). web page & Facebook page for links and more information.

Tuesday Women's Bible Study Joy of Living

Tuesdays at 9:30 am in room 208. Childcare is available. For questions or information contact the church office.


Precept Upon Precept features the Precept Inductive Bible Study Method. Click here for more details. We meet in Fellowship Hall B every Thursday at 10:00 am. This study is led by Alexis Hunn.

Sunday School


Bed Babies - A104C
Sue & Millard Wilkerson,
Lori Wilkerson, Jenny & Ronnie Lewis

Toddlers 1 & 2 - A104D
Sean & Lena Amanns and
Jody & Jennifer Norwood

2 Year Olds - A104H
Dusty & Quinna Hatfield

3 Year Olds - A113
Libby Kent and Pat Wampler

4 Year Olds - A118
Janet Thomas and Susan Henderson

Kindergarten -120
Sam & Amy Linginfelter and Joann Nelson

1st Grade - A114
Nichole Chadwick, Zimmer Hunn, Patrick & Mary Blankenship

2nd Grade - A112
Margie Sartin, Dylan Johnson,
David Kozak & Sara Plum

3rd Grade - A126A
Charlie & Terri Dye
and Jason Graening

4th & 5th Grade - A121B
Johnny Coffey, Larry & Peggy Butler


6th Grade - A232A
Taylor & Leigh McNabb

7th & 8th Grade Guys - A232C
Mark Shaddix

7th & 8th Grade - Girls - A232D
Paula Linginfelter

9th Grade - A232 (Student Hub)
Jeff Stamper & Kristi Helton

10th Grade - A234 (Student Room)
Randy Powley

11th & 12th Grade - A234 (Student Room)
Van & Vicky Simmons


(Janet Clemmer and Carolyn Morton)


Men & Women - A204
Randall Davenport

Men & Women - A226
Jonathan Boals

Young Couples - A219
Chris Harding

Young Adult & College Ladies - A209
Sara Park

Young Adult & College Guys - A223A
Ben Collins

Young Adult Ladies - A209B
Alexis Hunn


Men – A216
Chris Park

Men & Women – A201
Pat Wright

Men & Women – A214
Don Martin

Men & Women – A222
Jess Harper

Men & Women - A208
Robert Scheffer


Men & Women - Fellowship Hall A
Keith Schrader

Men & Women - Fellowship Hall B
Dick DeMerchant

Men - B008
Ray Reno

Men & Women - B013
Gary Wolfe

Women – B014
Debbie Turner

Men & Women - 020C
David Davis

Men & Women - 02D
Susie Strunk

Men & Women - 021
Steve Sims

Men & Women - 022/023
Craig Moss/Ken Wilmoth

Women - 025/027
Judy Nelson/Judy Randall

** Men & Women - B033

Paul Chaveriat

Men & Women - B034
Ed Smith

Men & Women - B036
Lex Wiggins

Women - 039
Thelma Wampler

Men & Women - A209C
(Education Building)
Gary Johnson & Mitch McNabb