November 2023 Missions Prayer Requests





Here are your mission trip opportunities for 2024. Watch the bulletin and Realm for sign-ups happening in the next few weeks.

Guatemala - February 7-14
Leader: Scott Williams

Costa Rica Youth - March 10-17
Leader: Brandon Beauchamp

India - May 16-23
Leader: Chris Harding

Costa Rica - June 4-11
Leaders: Ken and Cindy Wilmoth

Montana - August, TBD
Leader: Bobby Ramsey

Kenya - November 29-December 6
Leader: John Hunn

Disaster Relief
Leader: David Kozak
Training Opportunities coming (Jan 20; Feb 17; Mar 15-16) Visit DR to find out more



  • General Prayer Needs

    • For HOPE's staff and Board as we prepare for changes in leadership.
    • For general fundraising needs as we near the end of 2023.
    • For our Board of Directors - a group of 10 professionals in Knoxville who provide spiritual guidance and oversight for the ministry.

    Staff Focus

    Join us in praying specifically for Ashley Keck, RN this month. Ashley has been on HOPE's staff since 2019, after serving as a volunteer for 12 years. She has recently been appointed as our Nurse Manager, and works diligently to ensure our medical team is equipped with the supplies and resources needed to carry out our services. We are incredibly grateful for Ashley's years of service at HOPE!


  • Pray for God's continued blessings on the Adam's Road Ministries. 
  • Pray for the sale of their FL property. 
  • Pray that their separation between FL & KY can end soon and well. 
  • Pray for their boys as they grow and mature under God's protection. 


Karla, Pastor Jonathan's wife in Costa Rica, has found a carcinoma on her skin. This is not the first. When FBCLC was there this summer,  she had recently had a very large one removed. She has a biopsy on November 17. There is a chance they will be able to remove it at that time. She is asking for prayer that this happens and that she can avoid another surgery.


We’ve been in an exciting time at Grace City; HouseChurch has launched again with new coordinating positions, we are praying and planning for a new location, and we are working with a new staff dynamic. If you will, please pray hard for this work. Pray with expectation, asking God for good work to be done within HouseChurches across the city. Pray in thanks for the Coordinators who have helped me so greatly to plan HouseChurch. Pray for the spiritual health of our new staff and our persistent efforts.
Please pray for:

  • Church growth in the fall season
  • HouseChurches and HouseChurch coordinators (Ana and Emma)
  • College Students working as Part-time staff (Yasmin and Tucker)


  • Pray for favor for Grace City to find a long-term church location
  • Pray for the health and wisdom for our church staff, especially with a new staff dynamic


  • Pray for our church planters suffering from border closures, unrest, and instability.
    -Dominican Republic & Haiti
  • Last month, we held a vision casting in a country we hope to launch in. Pray God will use many Biblically solid pastors to lead TTI Training Centers and launch a church planting movement here.
    - Middle Eastern Country
  • We are working to reach 12 Unreached People Groups (UPGs) with 17 million people. Pray that thousands of church plants will be healthy and that the movement will spread to every village in our country.
    - Ethiopia
  • TTI is laying the groundwork for a 24-7 global prayer effort. Pray God will fuel passionate prayer for the nations and cause many people to be involved.
    - Global
  • We've seen 10,617 new disciples made in our country, most coming from indigenous religions or Islam. Pray that new believers will forsake old lies and commit to following Jesus Christ.
    - Liberia
  • The ACHIEVE project (A Church In Every Village, Everywhere) is ongoing here. Ask God to raise laborers to get a church in every village, and tens of thousands would come to know Jesus Christ.
    - South Asian Country


  • Praise God for His goodness to us in Christ Jesus, to know Him and walk with Him.
  • Pray for those who struggle in this world with no hope and no way forward. Pray that God will bring a faithful believer into their lives to show them kindness and tell of the Gospel, praying that God turns their hearts to Jesus.
  • Pray for faithful believers to step out of Christian circles and be both salt and light to a lost and hurting world, to do good to all and for the glory of God alone.


As we all watch the tragic events in Israel unfold, we would like to urge you, our faithful ministry partners, to pray for the people in these regions and for our vital ministry in Israel.

Right now, many of our School Without Walls leaders, as well as pastors and their wives, have been conscripted to serve in the military, leaving only grandmothers to take care of the children.

Yet, many members of our ministry teams continue working tirelessly with our in-country partner, Living Israel, a network of 25 evangelical churches across the nation, to help deliver packages of food and water to bomb shelters where 30% of Israel’s population is now seeking refuge. These young leaders are not only helping to provide for the immediate physical needs of thousands of Israelis, but they are also preaching the gospel, bringing hope and support to those in the midst of this crisis.

In certain regions of the country, entire settlements are being evacuated by the state. In response to this, we are helping to provide shelter and accommodations for refugees who are seeking refuge.

Please join us in earnestly praying for the following urgent needs:

  • That peace in Israel and the surrounding region would be restored.
  • That God would protect our leaders as they minister to the people in their midst.
  • For my upcoming trip to Central Asia where we will hold a forum to equip more than 500 leaders from Central Asian countries to lead during this time of crisis. Please pray for safety for my trip and for this event, which takes place in a region of unrest.



  • mentors and mentees to continue to bond and have meaningful conversations
  • for our upcoming Christmas parties that the love of Jesus can shine through to all students and staff
  • an additional mentor or two as needs arise
  • for the health of our mentors during the winter season


  • Spiritual protection for Randall, Paul, and the volunteers who help in this ministry.
  • Wisdom and discernment for all our counselors as they point counselees to Jesus.
  • Wisdom as we seek to grow this ministry in our community and region. Also, that God would grant us favor in our relationships with other churches so we can partner with them. Right now about 60% of our counselees are not members of FBC.
  • Pray for our trainees who are pursuing certification in Biblical Counseling. Right now we have about 10.


As we watch devastating events taking place in the Holy Land, we are not mere spectators. We don’t just see headlines. We see people. Right now they are injured, frightened, missing. They are lost.

As this crisis unfolds, we will not ignore it. We will not be silent. We will not stand still. We will cry out to God on their behalf, asking Him to bring about true peace as only He can. Join us now as we pray, together.

    Men, women, and children are facing unspeakable horrors. While this region has a history of unrest, the escalation of violence demands an urgency in our intercession. Pray now that God would have mercy on the millions who are suffering and comfort those who have lost loved ones. Ask God to bless the efforts of those distributing aid. Pray He will provide opportunities for them to share His love.
    Rockets are launched and the streets are filled with violence. Amid this chaos, the lost are living and dying in darkness. While the nations rage, God is still in control and near to all who call out to Him. Pray that God will use current events to draw the lost into a relationship with His Son.
    Believers are walking through this crisis with non-believing neighbors, friends, and family members. Pray that believers will have attitudes of peace amid the current situation. Pray that the lost will ask them about the peace they have in times of trouble.
    In a land impacted by years of hatred, believers from diverse backgrounds who are united in Christ can display God’s love to each other and to their neighbors. Pray that they will seek to share and be the light of Jesus to their neighbors.